Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fallingwater 2009

Mike and I (Gayla) just returned from Frank Lloyd Wright's seminal house Fallingwater. We were in residence at a nearby summer house on the High Meadow adjacent to the Fallingwater grounds. We always come back inspired - and this time was no exception. I am full of ideas to use in my TCU courses.

I have been working hard all summer - along with our professional interior design projects - in preparation for the fall semester at TCU. I am very excited about starting my full time position as an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in interior design!!

Fallingwater is a very inspiring place. While Wright's personal life and character may be less than stellar, I admire and respond to his architecture in many ways. He was a master at influencing behavior and creating positive experiences within space.
We had the opportunity to act as teaching assistants for two sessions of the high school residency offered by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. We worked with two outstanding architects/educators; Aron Tempkin of Florida Atlantic University and Peter Goldstein of Skyline High School in Dallas.

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