Saturday, August 29, 2009

Color, Pattern & 3D Space

It has been an exhausting, yet exhilerating 2 weeks at TCU. The week before school started was filled with faculty meetings, receptions, dinners, orientation sessions and the like. I came away with an amazing sense of awe and respect for TCU as an institution. TCU has a heart and they are striving in an inspiring way toward a better future. The first week of school was more challenging but still inspiring. Of course there were the problems of getting everyone in their proper places, the forms & paperwork, and general upheaval that takes place at the start of every semester. But, I am excited about my new students. The freshman class is wide-eyed and anxious to learn. The sophomores are a bit more grounded, but seem just as enthusiastic about learning. My seniors are thoughtful in considering their future - anxious to enter the world and ready to set it straight with their knowledge and skills. And I am watching them all. Not as a passive observer of their efforts, but in the humbling goal of helping each of them succeed in the way I think is best. That is not an easy burden either. I don't have foreknowledge of what the future holds for any of us. But, I am confident that each of them will be led along a fascinating and adventurous path.
I have featured the work of 2 students from last fall. Many more in their class deserve recognition as well. So take a peak at what they have done. Applaud the efforts of everyone who seeks to learn and improve themselves - even in small steps.

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