Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer Ends

My son Alec starts the eighth grade on Monday. Did you notice his beautiful big brown eyes? Here he is with my Dad at a Fort Worth Cats Game a couple of summers ago. Summer is just about over for all of us. I begin teaching at TCU on Monday also. I have been working all day today revising my syllabi for class - I imagine my students will enjoy reading them just about as much as I enjoyed creating them. The university requires that we put so much into them to cover any imaginable situation, and we still experience situations that no one can foresee.

I look forward to working with my new students and continuing with last year's group. Each student is such a unique realization of nature, each packaged with their own talents and dreams. I see myself in a few of them - so anxious to enter the world and set it on fire. I only now realize how hard that fire is to set ablaze. I hope they each become inspired by some aspect of the design field, and continue to find inspiration - just like my own dreams that I still nourish. I also like to ponder my son Alec's dreams for his future. At the moment he wants to be one of the first explorers of Mars. He attended TAG (talented and gifted) this summer at SMU and earned 3 hours of college credit. I am so proud of the B he made in mechanical engineering as an 8th grader - what possiblities are available to this generation that weren't available to me???

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