Monday, August 10, 2009

What I am Reading

I'm reading two books right now - each at a different pace. One is for recreation and the other for personal growth. I just finished Gone For Good by Harlan Coben and State of Fear by Michael Crichton. State of Fear was better, but Gone for Good was a quick read, a page-turner with lots of twists; good for the beach if you have the chance.
The first book that I am reading now is The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl. Depending upon how well I like this one, I might read his The Poe Shadow. I like Poe's writings. So far, The Dante Club has been pretty gross; that's a word I used a lot in middle school, but it seems to be the best, most fitting word in this instance. The plot is beginning to become intriguing, though, after wading through the "gross" part. It is now becoming more about Longfellow, Lowell, and Holmes and I like pondering about their intellectual capabilities and their lofty, classical educations. It is fascinating to envision them in the middle of a murder plot.
The time I spend reading the second book depends on my daily fancy, and I am reading it slowly and thoughtfully. It is about removing my own self-imposed mental blocks that prevent me from living my own life in balance. This one definitely takes more effort and thought, so I read it in small parcels, giving it time to sink in and mellow. I have dreamed of creating a balanced life for years. Creating one that isn't so lopsided in terms of work; one that allows me more time for friends, for exploring my own artistic pursuits, and enjoying the fruits of my labor. I love my work too much to abandon it - I can't imagine ever really retiring - but I think that I will spend some time and serious effort to design my life with as much care as I take in the design of an interior space that is for another person. Maybe some time reading at the beach . . . or better yet, Taos.

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