Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lives Touched

The father of my dear, dear friend and colleague Stacie passed away quietly this morning after a fairly long period of illness. Since Stacie's mother died, just a couple of years prior to my mother's death, her dad was never really the same. With so much loss this week, I have been more contemplative. It moves me to be grateful for the countless blessings in life that are too easy to take for granted. I am more conscious of how delicate and precious are the people we love. It is so easy, day to day, to be confident that our loved ones will always be a part of our lives, but it is false confidence, too easily shattered. Parting can happen suddenly and unexpectedly or it can be a long process of erosion, bit by bit, with little awareness or even with carelessness. For a while, perhaps, I will remember to be more careful; more mindful; and to relish and treasure the people who have been woven into the tapestry of my life. But, it is so easy to fall into comfortable habits, to devote more time to tasks than to treasures. I am not speaking of worldy treasures, but the only real treasure - cherished life moments engaged with my husband, my son, my father and brother; and my much-loved friends who I have come to consider as family - like Stacie and several other long-time friends. Even when months have passed without contact, we can resume our connections as thought no time was lost. I am touched by the grace of their presence. And, though I know it is in my nature to fail, I am reminded to make more time for what counts - people, not tasks.

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