Saturday, November 7, 2009


What a distressing week!! Sunday morning at church, Mike learned that our beloved and crusty choirmaster Ron Shirey had a massive heart attack and passed away before services. The entire week was colored with his loss. How can our church choir endure without his presence? How can TCU ever fill his shoes? He touched thousands of lives through directing choir performances from Carnegie Hall to Nova Scotia to Europe and back. His footprints are left on the paths of his students as they scatter to the winds of the world and in the souls of anyone who listened to the UCC choir on Sunday mornings. It's a cliche - but truly - things won't ever be the same without him. His memorial service was yesterday afternoon and University Christian Church was filled with people like me in the sancutary and people like Mike in the choir, honoring his life. The angelic music filled and rang inside the church in fitting tribute to our teacher and choirmaster. I will remember him most as he processed into the church, often with Mike by his side on Sunday mornings. He is sorely missed.

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