Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rid of Cookbook Clutter

I'd love to get rid of all my cookbooks and replace them with this. I have 2 exceptions however.
I have my maternal grandmother's Betty Crocker cookbook from the 1950s with her hand written notes. My grandmother, Eva Lewis, was a wonderful cook. She managed kitchens for a nursing home and an elementary school before she retired. Even after she retired, my family would have dinner at her house every Wednesday evening. She wasn't a fancy cook, but an old fashioned southern cook - she gardened and we would have home grown fried squash, home grown creamed corn, scalloped potatoes - this list goes on. I cherish that cookbook - it contains so many family memories around the dinner table - and I hope my son carries on memories of his own. I really miss both of my grandmothers. They were both incredibly strong and wonderfully loving. I strive to be so much like each of them - and I catch a glimpse of them from time to time.

The other exception is the 3-ring binder that was my mother's. It's actually quite a mess - but that's why I love it. Mother scrounged sheet protectors from my interior design students' project binders that they never picked up after grading. Mom was the queen of reuse before it was fashionable. The recipes it contains were cut from the newspaper and are hand-written scraps that she saved and some that were my grandmother's.

As cool as this multi-media home tablet PC is - it could never compare to my hand-me-down recipes!

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