Monday, April 14, 2014

Let your faith be greater than your doubt!

When you fear, trust. Let your faith be greater than your doubt.  Be a courageous lion.  A pair of these lions stand outside the Museum of the Art Institute in Chicago.  I love predatory cats; jaguars, pumas, leopards, panthers, bobcats, ocelots!  They all fascinate me.  Particulary their eyes; their alertness and intensity - their singularity of purpose when they are on the hunt.   From the book Art & Fear by Bayles and Orland: 

"We're all subject to a familiar and universal progression of human troubles - troubles we routinely survive, but which are (oddly enough) routinely fatal to the art-making process.  To survive as an artist requires confronting these troubles.  Basically, those who continue to make art are those who have learned how to continue - or more precisely, have learned how to not quit."    

Those who know me, know how tenacious I am in almost all aspects of life.  One of my best qualities, but it can also be one of my worst - sometimes I don't know when to give up and let go.  So, when I don't feel confident, or I am unsure of the path set before me, I picture a guileful cat in pursuit of its desires.   Some things  won't get caught, but perhaps they are still worth pursuing!  And, perhaps I will achieve my goal next time.

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