Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Light and Shadow

The design at left is by sophomore interior design student Christina Noah of TCU. The design is based upon the abstraction of elements in the structure of an apple.
The design is successful on several levels. To begin, the student created geometric subtractions in order to discover the essence of form within a very ubiquitous fruit, the apple. The assignment involved creating a relatively shallow, but 3-dimensional screen that was derived from a natural object and would perform specific operations that would filter, block, and transmit light. The composition is visually exciting and entertaining, is balanced in an asymmetrical equilibrium, and establishes harmony of syncopated visual rhythms. This wasn't the only excellent project by our beginning level design students.
This assignment also proved to be an excellent learning opportunity in the exploration of effects possible with solid and void, and light and the casting of shadows. In this design, the student chose to use both opaque and translucent materials which resulting in a bit of a surprize for the student. Once the 3-dimensional construct was created, students were then asked to create "compass-point" drawings that illustrated the shadows cast from various compass orientations. It became evident at that point, that while the translucent portions of the design glowed within the construct, the shadows cast on the surface below appeared the same as if they had been made by opaque materials.
Good job TCU students and Christina Noah!!

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