Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Inside

I had  such a lovely afternoon in Dallas today with my dear friends and design buddies Jo and Nancy. We worked a bit too on Nancy's house in Highland Park and had a great lunch at a cute bistro in Snyder Plaza.  I had the Meyer Lemon Chicken sandwich.  It was fresh, crisp, and tangy, and the house tea was to die for. I also had the chance to scout for some fabrics and antiques for one of my clients and stumbled across some real finds!  I saw some happening art, accessories, and a perfect mahogany linen press. I can't wait to present these next week for a blue and grey cottage style living room.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lounge Chair

Found a wonderful chair and ottoman that's just about perfect for one of my clients today. We meet early next week and I think she'll love it for her living room!!  Also a great grey and white embroidered fabric.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

Pattern Manipulation

This is one of the walls that accompanies visitors up the ramp at Cowboy's stadium in Arlington.  It makes a great example for my students in Design Fundamentals II in studying the design process in creating 3D pattern at TCU Interior Design.


Collaboration: TCU Art & Interior Design

In today's class with my TCU Interior Design seniors, we collaborated with the 3D Studio art students in professor Nick Bontrager's class.  The students created a design in clay, scanned it using the 3D scanner, and are now modifying the model in a 3D software called Sculptris.  We look forward to working together with our ID students to create a habitat to house these "sitting-like" units of "furniture."


Does your cat choose the most expensive pillow in the house as her bed?  She looks good there, though, don't you think!?!?