Monday, April 28, 2014

Exciting New Project

We are thrilled to have been engaged to design a residence in the Omni Residences in downtown Fort Worth. We have been tasked with creating a warm contemporary space combining two units into one. Check back for updates as the design progresses. 

Updates to Academic & Professional Website

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Continuing Education for Interior Design

Interior designers that are registered in the state of Texas, or licensed, are required to attend 12 hours per year of continuing education.  I attended a seminar today that was fascinating and amazing about how the iPad is being implemented by interior designers.

I learned about so many new techniques of categorizing, saving, transmitting, organizing all sorts of data - whether images, quotations, invoices, fabric images and the like.  It may take me weeks to integrate all of this into my practice.  I also got to see some great products in the design showroom that hosted the event!  Take a look at the amazing chandelier represented by the showroom - a show stopper!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Relationships are about long term trust - not short term success.

The statement above has a powerful message.  This is what I believe and how I try to conduct myself in all areas of life; personal, professional, educational.  It seems to lie closely to the idea that people are more important than things.

I care about the long-term success of my students - to help them develop habits and resources that will serve them in their future.

I care about the long-term outcome of my clients' projects - that the design, materials, and selections are still beautiful and functional years later.

I care about the relationships in my life; with friends, colleagues, and family.  Really, what could be more important?  I continue in friendships and associations with people I have known for as long as forty years, and family I've known all my life - and they are special, priceless, immeasurable in importance to me.  And, I am grateful for their presence over the long-term in my life.

Let your faith be greater than your doubt!

When you fear, trust. Let your faith be greater than your doubt.  Be a courageous lion.  A pair of these lions stand outside the Museum of the Art Institute in Chicago.  I love predatory cats; jaguars, pumas, leopards, panthers, bobcats, ocelots!  They all fascinate me.  Particulary their eyes; their alertness and intensity - their singularity of purpose when they are on the hunt.   From the book Art & Fear by Bayles and Orland: 

"We're all subject to a familiar and universal progression of human troubles - troubles we routinely survive, but which are (oddly enough) routinely fatal to the art-making process.  To survive as an artist requires confronting these troubles.  Basically, those who continue to make art are those who have learned how to continue - or more precisely, have learned how to not quit."    

Those who know me, know how tenacious I am in almost all aspects of life.  One of my best qualities, but it can also be one of my worst - sometimes I don't know when to give up and let go.  So, when I don't feel confident, or I am unsure of the path set before me, I picture a guileful cat in pursuit of its desires.   Some things  won't get caught, but perhaps they are still worth pursuing!  And, perhaps I will achieve my goal next time.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Art Festival

Main Street Arts Festival

The time I spent today downtown was loads of fun. I picked up a necklace from a vendor I met last summer in LA at DWELL.  I ordered a custom colored stainless and resin necklace in Pantone blues. I love it - very groovy indeed!  Check out Stubborn Stiles and Stubborn Works - great jewelry and sculpture on their website. Melissa is an architect and brought her wares to Main Street.