Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spatial Study: Japanese Tea House

This semester at TCU my sophomore students are working on their first study of volumetric space by designing a contemporary adaptation of a Japanese Tea House.  The image above is by student Sheridan Gabrisch.  Sheridan actually proposed 2 different designs and constructed rough study models of both.  She has since revised her design a third time!  Way to go Sheridan.  We will continue with this project while they learn perspective, sketching, collage and color theory.

Light Filter

My sophomore students will soon complete their present assignment and begin working on development of a light transmission, diffusing, and filtering device that we term a screen.  I admit that I "borrowed" the idea from an architect friend of mine while teaching at Fallingwater.  We have adapted it to be a 3D version however.  This screen was made and designed by now junior level student Christina Castillo last fall.  Look for what my sophomore students are working on now.

The screen below is by fellow junior Christina Montecalvo.  Notice the woven quality.