Thursday, October 30, 2014


I received great news today. My department sent my recommendation to the next level up supporting my promotion to Associate Professor in Interior Design at TCU!  Very exciting.

Having so much fun working on some terrific projects.  Can't wait to see them completed.  Was in the new Holly Hunt showroom again recently. It is so inspiring!

Elegant and modern.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Urban Sketching

Participating in the local Urban Sketchers activities is so invigorating and fulfilling.  While my sketching ability has deterioriated without my continued practice,  every time I attend I become inspired to spend more time in this important activity.  Learning to draw is really about learning to see more thoroughly and spending quality time with the subject matter.  This past Saturday, a group of about 12 braved the cool, cloudy weather and ventured downtown to Sundance Square.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was able to visit with several designer-types!  I met architect Bob Smith, and it was delightful to see TCU student Christina Catterson and fellow TCU teacher Doug Vail participating.  I want to do more of this.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Local Vendors

A local source for interior products is a huge time saver. I came across a great source for stone, porcelain, granite, Vetrazzo, ceramic and a host of great flooring and wall products. I hope their service lives up to the lovely products. I'm working on 5 projects that need similar products. This was a great find!  Check out the mosaic of soft aqua, white, and an apple green marble. It will look amazing in one of my projects.